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Other Side Of The Monitor


Do we ever stop to think who is on the other side of the monitor? Do we always remember that it is a breathing human being? When we post in a community, do we consider how our words might be taken by others? Do we care? When someone posts a question that we consider completely stupid or rude, does our …

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Mentor: Katt

V7N Featured Mentor

My real name is Kathy, but my friends have called me Katt as long as I can remember. The extra “t” was added in the pre-internet days when joining a BBS and the username Kat was taken, and I’ve kept it ever since. Yeah, I just gave away my advanced age – oh well! I’ve always been an active member …

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Admin: HTMLBasicTutor

Featured V7N Admin: S Emerson (a.k.a. HTMLBasicTutor)

Admin: S Emerson (a.k.a. HTMLBasicTutor) Let’s see, how did I come to be a part of the V7N Web Development forums? It is all Cricket‘s fault! Really it is. As I was finishing my Program Analysis/Web Development course I joined a Graphic & Web Designer Yahoo! group. At that time there were not social networks as you understand them to be today. It was …

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Super Moderator: Snakeair

Featured V7N Super Moderator: Snakeair

Getting To Know Snakeair Hello everybody, this is snakeair, the super moderator on the V7N Web Development forum. My real name is Derek. I do not mind if you call me by my first name. First let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am actually not a snake if you have wondered about this for a while. …

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2013 Rapidly Approaching

Happy New Year 2013

With the New Year approaching, I can’t help wondering what 2013 will bring to our lives. Will Google continue to drive us crazy? Will blogging be replaced with social media? Will the economy recover? Will content management systems replace static HTML websites? Will SEO become a thing of the past? The truth is there are a lot of things in …

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Heart Of A Survivor


I won’t pretend to understand or have a clue what the folks impacted by this devastating storm are going through or what they are feeling right now, but I do know this… They are not victims. They are survivors. I am already seeing it in their faces and hearing it in their words. I see it as they reach out …

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