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SEO Is Not Enough

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons It’s always been clear that SEO is not enough. No matter how highly you rank for your target keywords, if people don’t do what you want them to do (i.e. buy something, join your mailing list, or share a link) then your site has failed. With Google’s recent Farmer update, it’s become especially clear that SEO …

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Looking For Shortcuts

I once asked a respected friend, someone very successful within their field, if they would help me out with some ideas for shortcuts to quickly and easily complete a specific task. He slowly shook he head at me, as if he was disappointed with my question and asked me if I knew the definition of a shortcut. I looked at …

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Life Isn’t Always Fair

We all have moments when we need to vent or whine about all the things in life that drive us crazy. It happens; it just is what it is. But there comes a time when we need to stop and think about what it is we’re on our soapbox about. Is it something we can change? If so, then we …

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Return To The Basics

Sometimes people are so busy looking for the newest SEO trick of the day, they simply forget about the tried and true basics and even consider them to be outdated. The fact is, the BASICS can never really be outdated because they are common sense methods of following the standards of good writing, layout, and what is best for your …

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SEO With Your Shades On

There are many levels to the word “webmaster” and most everyone reading this knows that. In short it’s from the newbie who’s just starting out to the gurus who already make money in their sleep. There are many people that create websites for clients, host them and even manage the domain. Most all of the customers have websites created by …

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