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Tips for Working From Home

Join the gym! No matter how you look at it, sitting at your desk 12+ hours a day is going to mess with your level of fitness, to say nothing of how quickly it can lead to packing on the pounds. Some people prefer to buy exercise equipment for their home, but I’m not crazy about this option because when …

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Personalized Google Search Interface

A very cunning use of the Google Custom Search (the webmaster will get a share of the advertising clicks via Adsense) Create your own logos, like so: You can create your own search engine here.

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Blogs Full Of Information, Difficult To Get At

Collective Intellect has a goal: Make bloggers work for The Man. But who is being paid? As Google has shown, there is much value in aggregation and sorting, less value in some forms of content production: “(Collective Intellect) has created a service that combs through thousands of blogs, news sites, chat rooms and other Web sites every day and then …

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Yahoo Falling From Favour?

Google own the online media planet. Almost. Former internet darling, Yahoo, seem to be slipping further behind, according to this piece: “Yahoo itself tried to buy YouTube just a few weeks ago and got as close as negotiating price and terms, according to an executive briefed on the discussions. But the talks broke down, and Google swooped in and closed …

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Could A Three Year Old Use Your Web Site?

Put it another way – are Ebay the usability kings of the internet? “3-Year-Old Buys Pink Convertible on Internet. The brief account states that a British three-year-old named Jack Neal had managed to purchase, and briefly “own,” a Nissan Figaro pink convertible. The desirable car was Pepto Bismol pink—so you can all see what the appeal would be to a …

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