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Cloaking Is As Cloaking Does

The cloaking debate pops up again. This debate rears it’s head once or twice a year, makes a lot of noise, then disappears back beneath the surface. Unresolved. In the ironically name thread “a quick word about cloaking“, a l-o-n-g debate is raging once again, amidst frequent calls for people to please stop debating cloaking again, as it is making …

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Adsense Placement: Imitate Navigation

I like these before-and-after comparisons. This one illustrates a truism about effective Adsense placement – look like navigation, don’t look like banners. “Recently, Julie experimented with optimizing her link unit ad placement. She removed the existing 120×90 link unit from the uppermost right corner of her pages, and instead placed a 468×15 link unit at the top of her articles. …

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The Importance Of Testing

I’ve linked to this one before, but just got reminded of it again. An article on the importance of testing and analytics entitled “101 Easy Ways to use Google’s New Website Optimizer” Ignore the cartoons, this is really meaty content, and an excellent reminder of why concentrating on boosting traffic numbers can sometimes be a costly distraction. How about spending …

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Noisy People

Next to the word “astute” in the dictionary they should print a picture of Seth Godin: “Jon Stewart and Peet’s Coffee and the Mac almost never make it across the chasm, almost never become the choice of the masses. The parts of the story that make us delighted to talk about it, the parts of the story that make it …

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Google Labs Aptitude Test

Just how big is your brain, really?

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