Something New Every Day Challenge


When we challenge ourselves to do things we have never done before we grow both in our personal lives and in our businesses.

I am challenging all of us to learn something new every day for 30 days straight.

It doesn’t have to be something big. It could be as little as learning a new recipe, or finding out how to say hello in 5 different languages, or even discovering ways to write cleaner code or implementing an SEO tip you have learned.

You can choose a theme for the 30 days, or make it something totally different every day. The choice is yours.

One you have made a personal commitment to take this challenge, join our Learn Something New Every Day group over on Facebook, and then hop on over to the challenge members thread on V7N to post your intentions to participate.

Learn Something New Every Day Challenge (V7N Thread)
Learn Something New Every Day (Facebook Group)

When does this challenge start?
Officially, the challenge will begin February 8th, but you don’t have to wait to start. You can begin right now, today if you would like. Or, even just start discussion ideas with others to help you get started when it is time.

How do we participate in the challenge?
Every day that you learn something new, you will report (post) what you learned in the Facebook group we have set up, along with the V7N thread where we will be watching the progress of all of the challengers. If you prefer to blog about what you learn every day, you can simply post your link and a blurb about your blog post.

Learn Something New Every Day Challenge (V7N Thread)
Learn Something New Every Day (Facebook Group)

Members of this challenge actively participating in the V7N thread will be part of random drawings at the end of the challenge for a free listing in the V7N Directory.

“Every day is an opportunity to learn something or discover something or someplace. Be curious, play, go out on a limb, walk a different way to work, try a new food at dinner and keep learning and growing.” Sandra Magsamen

I truly look forward to seeing you take part in this and networking with us all!

Look me up at the V7N when you stop by!

J. Cricket Walker of

  1. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany02-05-2011

    I’d like to try this out. I spend a lot of time on-line and I am sure that I learn something new every day.

  2. fize4everfize4ever02-07-2011

    This, I support.

  3. Amit VermaAmit Verma02-10-2011

    We should all do learn something everyday. I am here to support you and also blog about it. Hope it will help joining some more peoples.

  4. AmeerAmeer02-16-2011

    Thanks Cricket! You sure have bright ideas in your mind. I can see how v7n made this far.! Although I’m a bit late to join but I’m sure there will be some life changing thinks I’ll learn.

  5. KenKen02-23-2011

    It’s very important that we look to grow our knowledge over time and one of the ways you can do this effectively is to set aside a portion of your day to interact with others. You may not learn something new every day, but the time thinking about things in itself is time wel spent.

  6. CricketCricket03-03-2011

    The following names were randomly selected for the free V7N Directory Listings.

    Jim Sanders (moneyonlinesorg)
    Kelley Denz (Kelley Denz)
    Margaret Cherre (Margaret Cherre)

    Winners, please submit your site to the V7N Directory (skip the pay part) and then contact me. You can find directions for submitting here…

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