Paid Links Must Work

“Paid links” is the topic du jour, and if you scan through your feed reader, you’ll no doubt find much expression of thought on the topic. To summarize, “Google are being big meanies when it comes to paid links”.

On the flip side, Google’s consistent denouncement of paid links should indicate only one thing to the seasoned Google watcher: paid links work.

After all, as Aaron and others point out, Matt doesn’t go on about meta tag abuse, now does he. This is because Google has solved the meta tag abuse problem, so meta tags aren’t even worth mentioning.

Here’s some proof in the pudding:

Last year a client in a very competitive niche wanted his brand new site to rank number 1 across all his keywords. The niche was the kind that any self respecting webmaster would never link their site to for fear of being in a bad neighbourhood so linkbaiting was not an option. The method we used was to buy a LOT of links from any site that would take us. Poker sites, adult sites, sitewide links at directories, forum signatures. Every type of link that is blatantly a paid link.

We didn’t get one natural link in 12 months and spent a 5 figure sum on paid links.

Sure enough after 12 months the site went to number 1 and is still there today.

If you play with paid links you might get burned. On the other hand you might make 10k per week from organic rankings

Not an uncommon practice, I might add. Look through any of those above mentioned categories and you’ll see thousands of examples.

That’s exactly how ultra-competitive serp categories are played these days.

  1. adityaaditya08-28-2007

    Oh…… all my sites ranking in SERPS is 90% due to paid links. Getting organic links is too much unrealistic these days. Due to heavy commercialization of the internet, people dont give links themselves, However well designer our website may be or whatever blockbuster content we may have written. It is difficult to acquire good links without paying a fees

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo08-29-2007

    Common problem, eh.

  3. HalfdeckHalfdeck08-30-2007

    “However well designer our website may be or whatever blockbuster content we may have written. It is difficult to acquire good links without paying a fees”

    You know how it works. If you’re ugly, short, fat, and bald and no chick would come near you with a ten foot pole, you gotta whip out your wallet. You can stare in the mirror and tell yourself you’re hot as hell, but sooner or later you gotta face up to reality.

    With money, you’re guaranteed to score every night, whether or not the chick “vouches” for you or not.

  4. SEO CompanySEO Company09-10-2007

    Well its difficult but no impossible dont forget that article writing is still the best way to generate free quality links.

  5. murrydanmurrydan10-25-2007

    I try to stay away from paid links, mostly because I am just starting and broke, but would a paid membership to the W3C be considered a paid link? I am not a paid member, but I looked at the “member list”, which is just a nice way of saying “links page”, and there are some big guns on that page that would not fare well if penalized for paid links.

  6. vancouverseovancouverseo05-26-2008

    I’ve been doing this for clients and I make sure to get links that are as relative as possible to their niche instead of just buying up any old links. 2 years doing this and it still is the best money spent marketing their sites.

  7. Paid links still work if used properly! I know it. But I agree, articles are great as well. I also continue to perform a recip link campaign

  8. SEO Rank MonitorSEO Rank Monitor12-06-2009

    Paid link sure work. Just look at any webmaster forum out there in Buy & Sell section. There are thousands WTS/WTB threads for not only high PR links.

  9. dallas realtordallas realtor05-03-2011

    I think fear creeps into the picture with paid links. I have tried a couple sites, but have not noticed a huge difference. I will say that the old way of link building is getting more and more difficult and really think that SEO is becoming a much harder and more content based arena. I think article writing and blogging is where we will all end up.

  10. airport car parkingairport car parking07-04-2011

    Not many sites these days wnat to link out for fer of being penalised, however this ulitimateley what google uses to rank sites, if all sites suddenly removed all outbound links we would be back where we were 10 years ago.

  11. Akash KumarAkash Kumar09-30-2011

    Well link buying has gone to a next level these days, people are buying whole link networks building huge link wheels for getting higher ranks.

  12. MissyMissy11-28-2012

    I couldn’t agree more! I have never used paid links and have seen my site drop down the rankings quick while those sites sitting at number one have quite obviously been using black hat techniques (for example number 1 in the serp for my keywords has only been registered 6 weeks but has 57000 backlinks! must be paid for!). Its unfortunate and I hope Google figure it out soon and sort it out.

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