Ralph Is Back…

Great guy, hugely knowledgeable SEO, and owner of the best beard in search, Ralph Tegtmeier aka Fantomaster, has resurfaced and started posting again – after a two year hiatus.

He’s offering readers free links. Go say hi.

So: We’ll resume blogging alright now, though maybe not quite at the old rate which was a lot of fun but simply too time consuming. Also, there’s even more fantastic SEO blogs around now. (And yes, we will update our blog list later, but do allow for a few weeks till you’ll actually see it happen.

These days, links have become all important. Not that they ever were anything you could discount with impunity, but today it’s turned into a true must to get as many decent incoming (decidedly: one way) links as you can muster. And, more importantly perhaps, most people in the online marketing world, even the newbies, have actually realized it now.

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