Social Networks: Worthwhile For Link Building?

Link queen Debra Mastaler looks at the value – or lack of it – of social networks when it comes to link building opportunities:

I’m a big believer in finding an established demographic and working it for links and contacts. Overall the social media sites aren’t good for much else when it comes to linking. Places like MySpace and Friendster allow a clean link in your profile or through their blogs but other than that, link opportunities don’t exist. The power behind those sites comes in the community and networking and quite frankly, that takes way more time than I have“.

Debra has also posted a more on linking and social networks on SEL

  1. Social networks site like twitter, facebook, myspace is the best source to drive relevant traffic to your website. For this we need to build a network in social media sites, we need to share best news o them, then we can drive quality traffic to our websites.

  2. Akash KumarAkash Kumar10-02-2011

    Social network these days is considered as a part of SEO, social media optimization is the term we use now. Social networks do not help in link building directly but more like as brand building.

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