80% Of Blogs Are Offensive

Only 80%?

The Internet’s blog sites have become overgrown with a variety of unpleasant content, including porn, offensive language, hate posting, and malware, a new threat analysis has suggested.

People clearly aren’t trying hard enough. Surely we can push that figure a little higher.

For example, I hate those shite (that’s an English spelling, BTW) sites that are “infested” with those annoying floating banners asking you to participate in some survey where you give them all your information and, in return, they give you the opportunity to win a coffee machine. Or something. What a load of arse (more English spelling).

Or web security experts trying to pump their services using alarmist scare stories.

To be added to the list of those deemed potentially offensive within a business context, a site merely had to contain a single post containing profanity, or worse.”

Feckers 🙂

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