Google vs SEO Strategy

Following on from the paid links debate….

People appear to be speculating that if sites are selling paid links, they’ll be banned. I think that’s pretty unlikely, as why would Google want the resulting bad publicity?

More likely they’ll simply devalue the outbounds, as I suspect they’ve been doing for some time. It’s pretty hard to tell, for sure, what value any given link is passing now.

One question: do they now have the means to devalue some outbounds whilst leaving others intact?

Another question: If they do have the means, why aren’t they just doing it, rather than announcing it? And asking for a volunteer brigade of hall monitors at the same time.

Sounds FUD-dy to me….

Perhaps this has nothing to do with SERPs at all. Perhaps they’re just taking direct aim at the link broker competition. Google is, after all, the daddy of that market…..

BTW: Here’s a comment on Scoble’s blog that may help define the target:

 “Alfred, #16, Matt and I had dinner a while back and he told me Google’s worried about the systematic paid link sites, not one offs like your blog or my blog.”

Disclaimer: Robert paid me huge dollars for that link 😉 I may, or may not, have just made that up.

  1. HalfdeckHalfdeck04-17-2007

    “It’s pretty hard to tell, for sure, what value any given link is passing now.”

    If you see the right amount of green in your toolbar and all inbounds are paid links, chances are those paid links are undetected.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo04-17-2007


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