Google Offering Up New Secrets

Well, sort of. More of a marketing exercise:

Google for the first time began disclosing the number of times a business’s listings on Google Maps has been clicked upon. A Google Maps listing, which is free, is a thumbtack-shaped icon pointing to a business’s location on an online map. Clicking on the icon yields contact information and other details

Google began telling a select few advertisers the exact number of times that their advertisement showed up in search results every month. Google has never before used exact numbers to represent this kind of data.

Google began making it easier to determine the popularity of approximately 4,000 software programs it offers to personalize Web pages. These programs, otherwise known as “widgets,” range from a dictionary to daily bible quotes, and are provided by companies outside of Google….56% of Google’s widgets are inspected 500 or more times a week, and that nearly one in 10 of the widgets weren’t actually available”

Google Widgets can be found here.

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