How Not To Get On Diggs Home Page

Digg can be interesting, and everybody likes gaining links without having to pay for them, but the downside is having thousands of teenagers descending on your site all at once.

How can you avoid being Dugg?

Here’s a good top ten ways not to get Dugg. Probably should have been a top 11, or 9, really.

I can add a few:

  • Write an article that requires more than two seconds of contemplation in order to understand it.
  • Write about fashion, cool, business, money – in fact, write about anything that doesn’t involve Youtube, computers, Star Wars, or Digg itself – and you’ll be so far from the front page you may as well be in Iowa.
  • Write about Iowa.
  • Write an article about how great SEOs really are….

The irony is, of course, that article will probably be Dugg as it involves Digg. So I’m calling linkbait

  1. ChrisChris02-22-2007

    Hmmm, so where is the ‘Digg This’ chicklet for this post?

    Interesting concept, but I was never one of the popular kids in school anyways. That’s the best way to describe Digg, the ‘I think I’m cool, I’m in a group’ kids. I thought that long before I got involved with building my own websites.

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