Pork Board Hot & Bothered Over Jennifers Breast

feeding shirt.

What we might not remember fondly is the time that the legal counsel for The National Pork Board sent us a threatening letter stating that they were prepared to sue us if we didn’t bow to their demands.Yep, you read that right. The Lactivist is being threatened with a lawsuit. Why? Because I was selling a shirt that said “the other white milk

Honestly, the double entendre possibilities are truly endless. Kim had a good one: “Jennifer Laycock Ordered to Remove Her Shirt“.

Danny Sullivan suggests a link campaign to support Jennifer over being threatened by the big bacons at The National Pork Board.

I think everybody should do that. Let’s roast some pork…

  1. cre8pccre8pc02-02-2007

    (ahem) The headline was mine, not Barry’s. Sigh. You write for a guy and they get all the credit 🙂

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo02-02-2007

    Opps! Sorry Kim.

    I’ll amend…

    (great headline)

  3. cre8pccre8pc02-13-2007

    Thanks Peter. Just saw the fix 🙂 That headline is Jen’s favorite one. Good news from her situation is that the Pork folks apologized and approved a new shirt for her, that says “Breast. The original white milk.” All this hoopla over one word. (“other” vs “original”).

  4. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo02-13-2007

    Yes. Great result, eh…

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