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SEO Clinic

Having problems getting a site ranked? Want free SEO advice? Loren at SEJ has started a free SEO clinic where SEO experts answer your questions. “SEO Clinic is a free service and our recommendations will include ideas and tips on link building, site navigation, usability, copywriting, social media optimization and other techniques which help web sites rank higher for desired …

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Google To Allow Content Bidding On Individual Sites

From the NY Times: “In response to further questions about Quigo, though, Google said it was prepared to make changes to its AdSense service that mimicked Quigo’s approach, an unusual step for a company accustomed to mapping the terrain in every aspect of its business. In the next few months, Google’s advertiser reports will begin listing the sites where each …

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Ranking Without Links

Every so often I hear an idealist talk about ranking without links. Evidently Google has the ability to algorithmically determine what is quality content and what is not. (I, too, believe they have that ability, I just believe they look at linkage to determine what is quality and what isn’t.) It is disturbing, however, when I hear SEO’s talking this …

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Future Search

Interesting article about the future of search, in particular: “Virginia Tech computer science professor Naren Ramakrishnan and his colleagues have developed a “creative discovery” search engine that also emphasizes the connections in data that a user might not know to ask about initially. Called “Storyteller,” it discovers connections between information that at first appear dissimilar — a sequence of events …

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New Blog Design

The V7N SEO Blog is now fluid. Evidently some people do not like fluid design. Others do. What do you think? And if you comment please include your screen resolution. Thanks.

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