List Of Popular Feed Readers

Following on from my post yesterday about moving to Google Reader, there was some good feedback, worth repeating:

  • Ben is developing a feed-reader, called Feedable, although it doesn’t seem to be available as yet?
  • Bill pointed out an interesting study on feed reader interfaces
  • dotTim pointed out that Bloglines marks everything as you read it. Agreed! I’m finding it really annoying that Google Reader doesn’t appear to do this…
  • Sophie, like me, is caught between what she has been used to (Bloglines), and the alternatives.

So, what are the alternatives?

Here is a list of some of the more popular feed readers I’ve come across:

I’d be interested to hear about your favorite, and why.

  1. Bill SlawskiBill Slawski01-15-2007

    Marking read feeds is one of the things that makes Bloglines worth using for me. I follow too many feeds to lose track of which ones I’ve read, and which ones I haven’t. Ouch.

    It’s probably worth exploring some of these alternatives though, just to see what is out there. Thanks for the list. I did sign up to try out feedable, once it’s ready.

  2. SophieWSophieW01-15-2007

    I’m with Bill – an ability to mark as read is a must.

    Wow there’s a lot of readers out there. Would love to hear about some of the others.

  3. SophieWSophieW01-16-2007

    I found the “Mark as Read” – it’s at the bottom of the whole post. There’s a few options:
    Add star Share Email Mark as read Edit tags:

  4. SophieWSophieW01-16-2007

    Not to clog your comments but it seems if you select it once it defaults to it for all posts.

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