Google Doing An Apple

A great way to shift a paradigm is to target schools. Get the next generation used to doing things your way, and, given time, you’ll be part of their lives.

Compare Apple in the 80s:

“Apple’s sustained growth during the early eighties was in large part due to its leadership in schools around the world, particularly with its marketing of Apple Logo, developed by Logo Computer Systems Inc.(LCSI) of Montreal, Canada. The majority of the first computers entering schools around the world were Apple II’s with Apple Logo. The drive into education was accentuated in California with the donation of one Apple II and one Apple Logo software package to each public school in the state. The deal concluded between Steve Jobs and James Baroux of LCSI, and having required the support of Sacramento, established a strong and pervasive presence for Apple in all schools throughout California. The initial conquest of education environments was critical to Apple’s acceptance in the home where the earliest purchases of computers by parents was in support of children’s continued learning experience”.

With Google in the 00s:

“As it tries to usher in a new era in computing, Google is promoting its software applications in kindergarten through high school classrooms, where kids who have grown up with the Web are more likely to experiment with different technology…..The free-software approach poses a challenge to Microsoft, whose success revolves around sales of its long-dominant Windows operating system and Office suite. The programs — including Word and Excel — are installed on hard drives and information is usually stored locally as well”

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