Is DMOZ Dead?

When Yahoo ruled the roost, the problem was this: it took forever to get a listing in Yahoo. Some bright spark, by the name of Rich Skrenta, addressed that problem. He created a directory run by webmasters, for webmasters, and anyone else who thought the listings might be valuable.

Nice idea.

As the years went by, after Rich had long gone on to bigger and better things, DMOZ, like a sad demented uncle, gradually lost the plot entirely. It is now quicker to get out of the Google sandbox than it is for many webmasters to get a listing for their site in DMOZ. Worst of all, DMOZ alienated the very people who DMOZ was built to serve: webmasters seeking timely directory listings.

There are various reports surfacing on the web that DMOZ has been experiencing unspecified hardware problems for more than a week, with editors unable to log in, and no eta of a fix. Has the old dinosaur gone belly up?

These days, directories aren’t hard to run, so it made sense for webmasters to take back the initiative and start their own directories. There are now a huge collection of distributed directories doing a very similar job to the early DMOZ. Wikipedia is providing up-to-date detailed information on any topic you can think of. Google provides a rather good search function.

So where is DMOZ placed in 2006?

There’s a lesson in here somewhere, and it centers around webmasters.

Hat-Tip Shoe.

  1. John ScottJohn Scott12-05-2006


  2. vistadivine.comvistadivine.com01-06-2007

    But I dont know why then owners dont try to make it live again.


  3. bilgibilgi02-09-2007

    i dont believe that the dmoz is dead . it’s alive and it will being alive . it’s great link provider for search engines

  4. ehoodiaehoodia06-05-2007

    I would suggest that the DMOZ business plan was never set out to succeed in the long run. The problem was that there wasn’t a proper way to actually monetize their huge coverage over the internet. Naturally if you’re cash strapped servers start crashing and editors start putting things on hold.

  5. webgrupnetwebgrupnet06-12-2007

    i dont believe that the dmoz is dead, it is good and referance

  6. DannyDanny09-23-2008

    Yes, DMOZ is dead. It has huge number of broken links and it takes ages to get your site reviewd and listed.. Many duplicate URLs too..

  7. its 2012 and still alive, but not sure how google handles it

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