Ms Dewey

Ever wondered if someone is looking over your shoulder while you`re searching?

Ever wanted someone to?

Ms Dewey will watch you while you search, and offer a commentary on your search stream. Depending on the type of query, Ms Dewey may be scathing or complimentary. Or both.

It`s pretty slow, but entertaining. And Microsoft, of all people, is repordedly behind it.

PS – Sorry for the gap in posting. I`m in Tokyo with John, trying to find bars. Which isn`t difficult, but it is pleasantly time consuming. Will post some pics soon, for those interested.

  1. vistadivine.comvistadivine.com10-22-2006

    Ya it looks quite good, a nice thought of running something like this search.

    By the way Peter ya I will be looking for those pictures of you and John and Japan.


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