The Secrets Of SEO

People sometimes ask why forums and blogs don’t spell out the “secrets” of SEO on a regular basis.

The problem is that once a secret is shared, it is no longer a secret. Secondly, there simply aren’t that many secrets. How much do people really know about SEO that you don’t? Five more algo secrets? Ten?

Ten posts. Then that’s it.

That’s why most blogs and forums tend to talk strategy and news. Those are the areas that constantly change, and the top SEOs I’ve met are, without exception, very knowledgeable and clued about both. Not to mention business, marketing, networking and usability. TW has a good thread discussing what factors make a great SEO.

Having said that, Rand at SEOMoz has a pretty good stab at what the Google algorithm looks for. Use the elements that Rand suggests, and you probably know a lot more than most.

  1. HalfdeckHalfdeck10-16-2006

    Aside from black hats, who are still interested I assume in algo loopholes, many people today believe its almost all about content quality and marketing. These are the same people who are surprised/offended when they come across spam in the SERP I think because they think its wrong that crap pages that never got one digg is ranking for tens of thousands of longtails. There’s a black/white mentality out there on just about everything from PageRank to link buying that just doesn’t make sense. In that TW thread, Jill makes a good comment:

    “It was and is BOTH. If you forget that (or don’t have both skills), you’ll most likely not be the best SEO…”

  2. vistadivine.comvistadivine.com10-17-2006

    As you said Peter that Blogs talk about news and strategy this also isn’t a waste this improves our knowledge and experience. Its not a waste of time and I was just wondering does SEO really have any secrets I mean now must of us know everything that can take your site to the tops, but it is on us that how we implement these things.


  3. after-bankruptcyafter-bankruptcy10-18-2006

    As with anything SEO is more about execution that knowledge. You can rank high more easily with hard work than with a couple of tricks.

  4. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo10-29-2006

    “hard work than with a couple of tricks”

    Indeed. A diverse marketing strategy across a range of fronts also works well. i.e. Public Relations initiatives lead to links….

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