The “What’s Danny Sullivan Going To Do Next” Competition

The Search Industry is relatively free of earth-moving shake-ups of epic proportions, which gives industry hacks like me very little to write about, except meta tags, and such.

But when a guy who defined the industry for so long leaves his post and writes a travel blog, that’s big.

Danny’s not really writing a travel blog. Well, he is, but he’s just filling in time while he courts an avalanche of offers.

So, bets are on. Will Danny Sullivan:

  • make-up with Incisive: 10-1
  • start his own conference series and site: 2-1
  • hook up with an existing conference series and site: 4-1
  • become a travel writer: 1-1 or 100-1, depending on your measurement criteria
  • wrestle crocs downunder, now that job also appears to be vacant – 57-1
  • become a moderator at ihelpyouservices: 9456734567-1
  • start spamming search engines: 20-1
  • join Google runnin’ herd with Matt Cutts: 10 -1
  • enjoy courting lucrative offers: 1-1

Your turn…

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