Danny Sullivan Moves On

Incisive Media and Danny Sullivan have failed to agree on terms of contract renewal, so Danny is leaving SEW and SES. It appears as though Incisive wouldn’t give Danny a cut?

Are they stark-raving bonkers?

Danny, besides being a great guy, surely has the best contacts and personal reputation in the search industry, and continues to define what the industry is, and where it is heading. To say the conference, and SEW, won’t be the same without him is a titanic understatement.

I’m sure Danny will have no problems going into competition with them, if he so chooses. Good luck Danny, although you’re not going to need it 🙂

You can keep up with Danny by subscribing to his personal blog:

Aside from SEW and SES, it’s far more likely I’ll be doing writing and conferences elsewhere. This might be for other companies, depending on what happens in the next few weeks. I’ve also entertained the notion of simply expanding my own consulting company and going it on my own with a new site and/or conferences. We’ll see. Somewhere in there, I might even finally do that book I’ve been threatening to do

  1. ExpertuExpertu08-29-2006

    Well, this bit has been top of the news for some time now.

    Needless to say that no matter what, he will be ok for sure 🙂

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