Marissa Mayer On Internet TV, Social Networks

Marissa Mayer talks to the British media about Google’s search plans:

…encourage the television industry to consider the web as a way of increasing its popularity. Rather than see it as a foe, robbing them of advertising revenue and viewers, she says they should see it as a friend. The internet creates more of an appetite for media – it doesn’t replace physical books, radio or TV…I don’t think it should be a threat to existing business models. It should cause users to consume more.

She is right about that, although I’m not sure they are going to consume more via television networks. The content producers should love the internet, but the delivery aggregators have much to fear. Google is sure to displace them, or at very least, introduce a billion new competitors.

On Adwords:

The beauty of ads on Google,” she says , “is that in some cases they are better than the search results.

Google have said this time and time again. It is a valuable insight into the Google mindset: Ads are content. The two will meld until they are indistinguishable. More importantly, people will accept it, because, in the case of television, the advertisments will be delivered on a request basis, as opposed to how television works now, which is an interuptive, scattershot model.

Mayer is a great fan of the social networking “phenomenon”, which has seen so many people share personal information on websites such as MySpace, and admits she would never have predicted its success. Google’s three-year, $900m ad revenue deal with MySpace, now owned by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corporation, made everyone reassess the media tycoon’s acquisition. She describes it as “a very good deal“.

Yah. Murdoch was on-to-it, and almost everybody in the search space, including myself, missed it.

Makes you wonder what else is on the horizon, and what we won’t see coming? The downside of too-narrow a focus perhaps….

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