Blogging for Dollars: Making Much Money

Some new media sites are doing the business.

  • Techcruch – 60,000 per month
  • BoingBoing – $1 million a year
  • – even more than that
  • – rumoured to be in the millions

“the blogging-for-dollars phenomenon is only in its infancy, and already blog ad spending is roughly twice what it was last year. With overall Web advertising expected to grow by 50 percent to $23.6 billion in 2010, it’s certain that more and more ad dollars will land on blogs. For a growing cadre of bloggers, the opportunities to score fat profits from pumping out posts on whatever their particular passions might be are widening–and one consequence could be a radical reshaping of our notions of how to build a successful media company”

Not all blogs make money, of course. It depends on a) the size of the audience and b) the nature of the audience (i.e. do they buy stuff). The same way old media works.

The main advantage is the cost of production. Virtually zero.

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