Disturbing Click Fraud Underground: “Let It happen”?

Very interesting look into click-fraud recruitment programs over at SuperAff. People are running programs whereby they encourage “searchers” to click on ads, and they split the proceeds.

The discussion thread is long and tedious, but it reveals an amazing level of stupidity which really does make you wonder about the quality of the education system these days:

“Let’s steal from the people with a lot of money, not ourselves”

“If it were illegal, they would be at my door to arrest me”

“The most of the persons who are clicking are there to get any money because they need, not only to made a hobbie from this. Most of the “policers” here forgotted it and are breaking hope for a lot of people when they do their witch hunt. I am so sad about that.”

None of those involved seem to care too much about the advertisers they are hurting. The forum appeared to go offline as I was reading, but if the thread is still available, you may be able to view it here.

  1. dburdondburdon07-18-2006


    this just confirms my suspicions. I once watched a UK government employee who was “moonlighting”. He sat at his desk clicking on ads that were showing on his personal website. He claimed he was making £1,000 ($1,800) per month. Because he was operating behind a government firewall he obviously thought he was beyond detection.

    Since that day I’ve always unchecked the content box on Adwords. My own experience of “passive” Adsense is a

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo07-18-2006

    Yes – I just wonder how much of this activity they detect. It sounds like they are getting some of it, but just how much slips through teh cracks?

    The content network may be better suited to CPA, from an advertiser perspective, although that still isn’t without its problems.

  3. King CobraKing Cobra09-01-2008

    You would think they could do more to stop this including monitoring dynamic IP’s more. It’s not just pirates though – there’s a lot of small sites who encourage their visitors and friends to regularly click on ads to generate revenues for the site. These revenues are small but when you add all the sites which do this it isn’t small anymore.

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