Interview With Yahoo! SEO Program Manager

Lee Oden interviews Laura Lippay, SEO Program Manager for Yahoo Media Group.

Unfortunately, the interview skates across the surface and doesn’t reveal much in terms of the inner workings of Yahoo:

“…I don’t get any secret sauce from the Search people. I have to get them drunk and hope to get secrets out of them just like everyone else”

There’s some sound advice regarding which search engine you should optimize for:

“Bottom line: you need to optimize for what makes you money. If your target market is techno geeks and you think you tend to get more referrals from techno geeks from Google Search, then see what you can do to get more quality traffic from there. But if that takes away from your Yahoo! traffic and you end up losing more money when you lose the Yahoo! traffic than you do by your gain in Google traffic, then it’s obvious what you need to do. This is not a guessing game – all your answers are in your data. “

Well said.

  1. King CobraKing Cobra09-01-2008

    Well this is true to a point as it assumes being able to measure these conversions. For this you really need a shopping cart and direct monetization into that. This rules out a lot of sites where you have to do a lot more guessing by looking at secondary data.

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