Free Google Videos & Other Interesting Stuff

Today only (apparently) you can watch videos you probably wouldn’t have watched even if they were free. Update: It’s a trial, according to Searchblog.
Other snippets:

SEW: “Earlier this week, ZDNet News published an article discussing the presence and availability of explicit content on video search sites like, YouTube, Yahoo Video and Google Video”.

Really? I tried really hard, but a couldn’t find a damn thing! 🙂

SEW: “Google, kill the search counts!”, says Danny.

Agreed. Especially when they say a site has billions of pages, when what they really mean is: “erm….actually, we’re not sure. A lot, anyway! Lots and lots! And Yahoo’s count is off!”. mysteriously disappears, only days before it was about to publish a study on supposed Adsense fraud.

Was the dude “taken out”? Or did he just fail to pay the hosting bill? You decide.

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