Affiliate Networks About To Get Stomped?

The big news around the searchblogosphere is that Google may add a CPA component to Adsense. The rumour is based, from what I can tell, on this post at Seeking Alpha:

The Google AdSense team would like to invite you to test a feature that provides you with a new way to earn revenue from your website by hosting ads that are compensated based on a Cost-Per-Action [CPA] basis. These ads are very different in that you will be able to choose amongst a selection and you will also have more flexibility in promoting them…”

If true, then many affiliate networks may about to get “disrupted”. Well, those networks that offer good affiliate support and have solid advertiser relationships will probably be ok. It really depends on how Google approaches this. As usual, the devil is in the details, and there are very few details available.

Google can provide publishers with CPC, CPM and now CPA. It will be really interesting to see what control and choices publishers will have over the CPA network. It will be even more interesting for advertisers. Hopefully Google will reduce the barriers to entry involved in CPA programs.

There’s no official word from Google, as yet.

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