Huge DataCenter, Consists Mostly Of Fart Joke Videos

I laughed out loud at this. Really.

Nick Carr notes that Google does not limit file size on Google Video uploads. So, how does Google store all that data? And why?

Can somebody tell me, with a straight face, the economic, social or cultural justification for “wanting all the world’s video”? Sure, Google and YouTube are encouraging people to invest huge amounts of time in producing and consuming silly fart and tickle videos, but how many silly fart and tickle videos does the world really need? A petabyte worth? A yottabyte?

Actually, I think Google are in pre-launch mode. Getting people hooked in. Getting the system primed to deliver. They want Google to be the place you go to watch online video. Once the critical audience mass is there, the big entertainment producers will stop babbling about copyright and DRM and fall into line. Google will own the worlds biggest television station, and the advertising revenue that comes with it.

The audience is king. Content follows audience.

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