Matt Cutts On Big Daddy

Here’s a long post by Matt Cutts on Big Daddy issues.

“People have been asking for more details on “pages dropping from the index” so I thought I’d write down a brain dump of everything I knew about, to have it all in one place”

I’ll try and pick out the killer bits for those who just want the facts, short and sharp:

“Sites that fit the “no pages in Bigdaddy” criteria were sites where our algorithms had very low trust in the inlinks or the outlinks of that site. Examples that might cause that include excessive reciprocal links, linking to spammy neighborhoods on the web, or link buying/selling. The Bigdaddy update is independent of our supplemental results, so when Bigdaddy didn’t select pages from a site, that would expose more supplemental results for a site”.

“Linking to a free ringtones site, an SEO contest, and an Omega 3 fish oil site? I think I’ve found your problem. I’d think about the quality of your links if you’d prefer to have more pages crawled. As these indexing changes have rolled out, we’ve improving how we handle reciprocal link exchanges and link buying/selling”

“if you were getting crawled more before and you’re trading a bunch of reciprocal links, don’t be surprised if the new crawler has different crawl priorities and doesn’t crawl as much.”

Ok, common themes are to avoid common reciprocal link patterns, avoid off-topic link patterns, and if you have few inbound links, then you’re not going to be crawled as often. Think about how your site adds value.

That last point is the most important point. If you add value, you will get noticed. If all you do is build it, and SEO-it, then you are less likely to see a payoff from the search engines.

From Google, at least 😉