Microsoft Regrets Starting Late

Balmer regrets not getting into the search game earlier. According to this article, the search market share is as follows:

“Redmond-based Microsoft …remains substantially less popular than Google and Yahoo. Nielsen/Net Ratings reported that Google had 49 percent of the U.S. search market share in March, while Yahoo had 22.5 percent and MSN Search had 11 percent”.

If history has shown one thing, it is this: never count Microsoft out. As slow as they are sometimes, once they decide they want a market, they tend to get it. The question is: how is this going to come about? Will Microsoft leverage their existing operating system and applications? How is the grid coming along? What will MSN market share be this time next year?

And are Google just too far out in front?

  1. ToddWToddW05-08-2006

    I believe Microsoft will leverage their existing software as well as require their search engine for some features of the new versions of windows search.

    Basicaly you wont be able to do certain features in windows unless you use MSN.

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