What Is A Competitive SERP?

Great piece of SEO advice from Aaron:

“Don’t measure competition in the number of competing pages, see how many of the top 10 results look like legitimate resources. If you see lots of .gov and .edu sites or other legitimate sites at the top the query is competitive. If you see your-topic-spam.info ranking it should be a joke to compete”.  

  1. Blonde JonBlonde Jon05-06-2006

    I never thought of it that way before. That’s totally true!

  2. IrkaIrka05-06-2006

    Nice way of looking competition on SERPS Peter!
    Basically, I estimate competition regarding the number of results for the current keyword, number of backlinks for each sites in the TOP 20 and now the TLDs & domain names also ;D

  3. ToddWToddW05-07-2006

    Technicaly speaking if you rank #1 no matter who else is there you are ranking “good”. But I agree with your method for measuring the competition 🙂 hehe


  4. TSKTSK05-07-2006

    Good point.

    You guys must have tuffer competition. Well, you also got a lot more market 🙂

    Here in Denmark, 95% of the search market is very easy to compete in. Let’s see in about 2-3 years…

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