Google Choking On Spam?

Provocative article over at the Register on Google, Big Daddy and spam.

I’m not sure choking is the right term. While Google, and all search engines, are full of junk content, doesn’t mean they’re returning it for queries.

A curious aspect is the hardware issue. Modern search is largely an infrastructure issue. i.e. in order to run that many queries, and produce results that quickly, and do everything in between, you need a considerable, complex infrastructure in place.

Potential teething problems with a new infrastructure? What have you noticed about recent “updates”?

  1. Adrian LeeAdrian Lee05-05-2006

    Saw a comment elsewhere that this was just more dodgy Andrew Orlowski reporting, taking things out of context.

  2. ToddWToddW05-05-2006

    Truthfuly I don’t understand how google can have hadware issues. They are such a large company they have multiple people working for them telling them “Hey we should upgrade before we HAVE TO” kind of thing. I don’t have anyone telling me that and I know when my server gets full, something fishy going on here.

  3. Aaron PrattAaron Pratt05-07-2006

    teething problems

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