Is Your Google Adsense Stuck?

Nicholas Carr has an interesting post about Google Adsense. Some publishers have trouble getting to the $100 minimum limit for payment, so Google gets to hold on to this money, and pocket the interest. There’s no doubting that is one fine business model – many small amounts can add up to a LOT of cash, obviously.

As Carr points out, there is a little know fact about Adsense: smaller publishers can get their money out without reaching the $100 limit if they close their account, and if the balance is above $10. However, most publishers are unlikely to do this. Why cut off your chances to make more money in future? Where there is hope, there is a float.

Google makes very good money from the Adsense publishing network:

“Google took in about $2.7 billion through ads on other people’s sites, accounting for 44% of its ad revenues”.

Makes you wonder why Yahoo! and MSN have been so slow to roll out similar programs, available to all?

  1. Mason ShoesMason Shoes08-06-2006

    When I started with Adsense, I ofcourse didn’t made enough to get the check in first month. Any Adsense professional will not suggest you to drop the program to get a check. Its real money out there, why not wait a few days to get your check when balance reaches $100 , maybe a day comes when you earn more than your day job.

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