How Concerned Are You About Google Domination?

Love ’em? Hate ’em? Somewhere in between?

This BusinessWeek article examines some of the forces Google are up against, including newspapers, book publishers, and Uncle Sam. The article concludes:

“by plunging into new markets with seeming abandon, Google is creating a lot of enemies whose survival may depend on making sure it doesn’t succeed in them all”.

Then there’s the problem of perceived monopolies. It is hard to imagine now, but one of the main issues confronting search marketing of yester-year was the ability to get listed in the (free) Yahoo! directory. To be excluded was to be invisible.

These days, if Google has most of the audience, then to get to that audience, you need to do so on Google’s terms, which may not be favourable.

Do you feel the need to diversify your search marketing efforts? Is there a general feeling against Google? Are the general public quite happy, and it’s only those with vested interests making the noise?

  1. ChrisChris04-25-2006

    I would have to think that it’s only people with vested interests that are making the noise. I don’t think my mother, who is still trying to master the point and click, would be concerned with ‘google maps’, ‘mars’, or whatever they do next.

    In all honesty I feel sorry for the small ventures that are out there, doing a good job in their niche. Because, there may come a time when Google says, hey, I want to do that. So long to the business.

  2. Will SpencerWill Spencer04-25-2006

    And if they are good enough in their niche’, Google will buy them.

  3. John ScottJohn Scott04-25-2006

    Google will rise, and Google will fall. It’s the nature of brands.

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