Danny Sullivan Should Write A Book

If you’ve been in the search world for five minutes, you’ll notice there are a LOT of search commentators. If you’ve been in the search world for six minutes, you’ll probably have already noticed that one name keeps cropping up again and again…

Danny Sullivan.

Danny has been writing about search for over ten years. To celebrate, he has posted this really interesting history of search engine trends.

Danny also thanks a few people, including…well…us lot:

“The search marketers, who remain largely unsung heroes. You get people found; you get held to unbelievably high measuring standards yet still deliver; you help subsidize and make possible the search engines we all depend on. You also serve as a check-and-balance on the search engines. If they’re playing favorites or doing something odd, you know it and spread the word”.

Thank you, Danny. There are few, if any, search writers who cover search in as much detail, and as often. It’s about time someone wrote a historical book from a search marketing perspective, methinks.

Makes you wonder what the search landscape will look like in another ten years, eh?

Remember, Looksmoot….Lookstart…Look-something-or-other was once a big name in search…

  1. Diane VigilDiane Vigil04-18-2006

    You’re right; Danny’s amazingly prolific.

    And Looksmart — I still remember when they started charging the “one time” fee which they then converted to some kind of PPC. Not sure they ever recovered from that.

  2. John ScottJohn Scott04-18-2006

    Danny Sullivan is unbelievably prolific. I honestly don’t know how he does it. He seems to know everything in advance that happens everywhere in search, and he find time to write about it. I barely find time to read it all, much less write every day.

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