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On The Search Web, The Rich Don’t Get Richer

Interesting study that claims “search engines are not biased towards well-known Web sites. In fact, they actually produce an egalitarian effect as to where traffic is directed, say researchers at the Indiana University School of Informatics”. Could have fooled me. Still, I haven’t read the study, and don’t have a degree in infomatics. This theory appears to cut across Mike …

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Having Trouble Getting Indexed By Google?

Are having problems getting your content indexed by Google? Google offer a helping hand, in the form of Webmaster Central, a collection of webmaster advice and tools, including Google Sitemaps. “The Sitemaps protocol remains unchanged and Sitemaps submission mechanisms and reporting is still available from the Sitemaps tab. We’re also renaming our blog and Google Group to be more broadly …

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AOL And Google Release Word Data

AOL release the logs of all searches made by 500,000 of their users over the course of three months (thx Adam). Privacy issues aside, keyword researchers in the SEM community are sure to find it rather useful. Google release…erm….something cryptic-sounding: “Here at Google Research we have been using word n-gram models for a variety of R&D projects…We processed 1,011,582,453,213 words …

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Seven Hot Blog Topics

So you blog and blog and blog and nobody reads it or links to your blog. I know, it’s hard. So here are a few ideas to get the users involved. 1. You’re confused and hurt, and don’t know whether you should post pictures of your underwear model bitch ex-girlfriend in her undies. Ask for user feedback. 2. You think …

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A Cross Between Wikipedia & Google Plus Bookmarks

Sounds like an interesting idea. Mitch Kapor announces a new project: “I’m incubating a new startup, which is pretty exciting because we’re working on innovation at the intersection of search and social production. Think of new services which are a cross between Google and the Wikipedia“ Although, the Google/Wikipedia cross already exists. It’s called Google, which shows Wikipedia results on …

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