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Having Problems With The Site: Command?

Matt Cutts made a comment in this thread over at in relation to the problem with getting accurate data using the site: command in Google: Anyway, I believe I’ve said that is the most likely to return accurate site estimates because it has some new infrastructure, and that I hoped the new infrastructure would be at all data …

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Orkut: Oh Dear

It was the first chink in Googles shiny armour. Up until Orkut, Google hadn’t really done much wrong. Orkut, it’s fair to say, arrived with fanfare, then sunk without a trace. Except in Brazil, where it is, inexplicably, quite popular. But I bet Google wish it wasn’t: “Brazilian prosecutors sued U.S. Internet group Google Inc. on Tuesday for not following …

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Yahoo! Grows (Slightly)

That’s good. More competition for Google is good for us webmasters. Searchenginejournal reports: “Nielsen//Netratings reported Monday that Google accounted for 49.2 percent of all search activity last month–nearly flat from June’s 49.2 percent…Nielsen//NetRatings also reported that Yahoo Search garnered 23.8 percent of July’s search activity, up from June’s 23 percent; MSN accounted for 9.6 percent of July searches, down from …

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Adwords + Analytics =

Way too much information in Google’s hands, according to some webmasters. The Google Analytics blog announces, in Googles usual “yay-team!” chipy manner that it’s “easy” to link your Adwords and Analytics account: “If you already use AdWords to drive traffic, Google Analytics is the perfect instrument panel. ROI, Revenue per Click, and conversion rates correlated by search result position — …

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AOL Fires Staff Over Data Leak

As reported on ZDNet: “Two AOL employees have been fired, and its chief technology officer is resigning, after the release of Web search data from thousands of AOL members prompted widespread criticism of the company“ Taking the fall, perhaps? It does seem a bit odd, given this failure has more to do with a system that collects and stores such …

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New Version Of Google Talk Released

Google have released a new version of Google Talk, now including features such as file sharing, voicemail, and music status. “Just use Google Talk normally, and it will auto-update to the new version over the next few days. If you just can’t wait, you can download the new version directly“ If you want to see what other Google Talk users …

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