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Daily Search Blog Roundup, March 20, 2007

The A-List means nothing. Rather confused post from Jason Calacanis, who goes on to define how to be “A-List”. 30% of competitive searches found to be spam. Cool new SEO term in the making: “spam density”. WordPress has released an SEO Title Tag Generator that lets you over-ride a posts title tag. Is there an auto-bury feature in Digg? I’ve …

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V7N Search Marketing Blog: Introduction

New to this blog? This blog covers search engine news, search marketing techniques and strategy, SEO, and general site marketing and promotion. This blog is written by Peter Da Vanzo and John Scott. Our picks from the archives: Adsense Strategies Choose Your Keyword Topic AdSense Is Not A Banner Text Is Design, Too Test, Test & Test Again Trap The …

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Twitter And The Cult Of Personality

I’ve been playing with Twitter, a new micro-blogging tool which is receiving huge buzz in the blogshere. It’s currently #1 topic on Technorati. Twitter is described as “A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing?”. It appears to me that most people are either eating their breakfast or talking about their cat. Reminds …

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Daily Search Blog Roundup, March 19, 2007

You thought you had spam problems. TechCrunch receives 15,000 spam comments. Per day. That no-follow plan really worked well, didn’t it, Digerati? 😉 Should have invited SEOs along, really…. Speaking of Techcrunch, they’ve just appointed a new CEO. The terms “CEO” and “blog” just sound strange together. Google Webmaster Central now reporting anchor text phrases. Nice. Ex-Microsoft employee, Robert Scoble, …

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Free SEO Course Part Six: Advanced Tips And Tricks

Following on from Part Five “External Linking“. This is Part Six of a series of posts forming a beginners guide to search engine marketing techniques in 2007. Think spelling mistakes are to be avoided? Spelling mistakes still have their uses. Social networks, such as Digg, can be useful sources of visitor traffic and links. SEOBlackhat gives a rundown on how …

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