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Google Will Own You All

A deep, thought-provoking piece from Aaron, and I’m going to need to spend some time considering it. “Introducing Google Tax – his is how Google will kill many mid market players and get a piece of the action for most large businesses. They will keep automating recommendations and arbitraging against your brands and trademarks until you decide to broker an …

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Women In Search

Like most tech niches, search tends to be male dominated, so it’s nice to see some profiling of women in search. Here’s a couple of interviews, one with Dana Todd, and one with my good friend Sophie Wegat, who I’ve shared a drink or two with in the past, hence the reference.

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MySpace Branches Out

Myspace is going to: Get into the news business (not surprising, considering who owns Myspace) Get into the erm….Digg business Myspace will let readers vote on stories, thus ensuring the most popular, facile, childish news stories rise to the top. Where have we seen that before? And if Google can aggregate news, so too can Myspace. It remains to be …

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PayPal Fires Back At Google Checkout

You remember how, in an effort to get you to take up their services, Google Checkout offered free processing? And how they feature that little shopping cart icon on their ads? In a totally unrelated move, PayPal are now offering free “PayPal Express Checkout processing” thru 12/31/2007. They all feature a little shopping trolley icon. On Yahoo. You also get …

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Daily Search Blog Roundup, April 17, 2007

Danny Sullivan will eat himself. Amusing. Huge session coverage from SES, courtesy of Barry and friends. We feel fine. A project that gathers texts expressing human emotions from blogs. 15 year old prankster gets hundreds of videos removed from YouTube. Googleopoly. Google “We Own Your Identity” t-shirt. YouTube “very close” to filtering system, says Schmidt. Cookie based counting may overestimate …

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