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How to Build an Affiliate Site You Can Sell for $1M

Now that’s a catchy headline, eh. But wait, there’s more… Seriously, this is a very good analysis about how to value a website. And how to do the right things in order to add value to a website. “In the vein of Warren Buffet’s Advice to SEOs, I’ll admit that the following strategems have also served me well: * Structuring …

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Calacanis To Start Search Engine?

Speculation, with a ring of truth about it. “Calacanis, we hear, has already hired about 20 engineers to work on the project. Roelof Botha, Calacanis’ patron at Sequoia, has already committed the funds. Former associates of Calacanis, such as Mark Cuban and Jonathan Miller, his former boss at AOL, are also backing the venture. So what’s the idea? It’s a …

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To Be Paid Links

Michael “Five links for $100” Gray has tagged me in his dirty, filthy and despicable paid links scheme. Erm, meme. I was even considering paying him $200 not to link to me, and stating, for the record, I wanted no part in it. But he said $200 was far too cheap for that sort of non-publicity, and I’d have to …

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Wikipedia Drinking The Yes-Follow Juice

Wikipedia introduced the no-follow tag, presumably as way to prevent people using Wikipedia to pass link juice. Even when most Wikipedians wanted no-follow removed, Jimbo Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, hs chosen to keep no-follow. It seems that all Wikipedia links are not what they appear to be, however, as TechCrunch discover: “It seems that while the nofollow tag is …

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Links, Guilt and Matt Cutts

Ever since Matt Cutts ostensibly went on the war path against paid links, I seem to have the same conversation on a daily basis, about paid links.

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