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Sphinn It

I got two posts on the front page of Sphinn over the past few days, one of which is placed at #1. Woo-hoo! How on earth did I manage that? What cunning ulterior marketing plan was employed? None, actually. I submitted the stories and forgot about them. I don’t know if I was expecting much in the way of take-up, …

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10 Reasons To Hate Ten Reasons Posts

You need to make up an arbitrary number of points. Like ten. But you may only have seven points in you, so the rest end up sounding weak. They look like linkbait. Because they look like linkbait, you really don’t want to look like a linkbait fanboy, so you don’t link to them, just to prove you’re not. But the …

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Mahalo The New DMOZ?

I’m not sure that’s an association I’d be shouting about…. “Some of the best contributors we’ve had to Mahalo’s Greenhouse have been folks who previously worked–for free-on the DMOZ/ODP. Interesting…. :-)” I thought the editors had gone to Wikipedia 😉

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Are Directories Worthwhile?

Rand gives his views on link building using directories. He’s hedging a little, but I think it’s fair to say, he’s not a big fan. He also appears to me to be suggesting people only defend directories because they have a vested interest. Heh. That might be me 🙂 I disagree with the article, mostly because of the criteria used …

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How To Move A Website: 301 Redirect

This question comes up time and again. How do I move a website to a new URL and not lose search rankings? Aaron has the answer, and some great tips for moving a big site. “The best way to permanently move a site is to 301 redirect it. If you have a small site you will likely see few small …

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