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I Unfriended You Today

  I realize that you don’t know me. Heck, I doubt you would even recognize my name. You are one of the elite in the marketing world who many want to be. I followed you on Twitter, listening to every tweet you typed because I heard you were an expert in your field. I respectfully requested that you add me …

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Don’t Go Social Without a Plan

Elaine Shannon Most businesses think they need a Twitter account, a blog, and a page on every social networking site out there. But why? What can your business accomplish with a Tweetstream? Is anyone actually going to visit a MySpace page? Will customers flock to your blog and then come spend money at your store? Their needs Just like everything …

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Four Pillars of Social Media

One of your main online marketing strategies should be through Social Media outlets. Why? Because it’s 2010 and that’s just how it’s done. When using Social Media sites your main focus should be on sending direct targeted traffic to your site, building an arsenal of quality back links, generating online exposure by strengthening your websites online presence, attracting potential clients/users, …

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Social Media Jumps The Shark As A Marketing Strategy

Cool quote: “Now that everyone and their grandmother’s smoking buddies are trying to spam Digg, Reddit, and Netscape into oblivion, I think the opportunity to use that as a reliable factory of linkbuilding has jumped the shark“ And another… “Back to the masses of chainsmoking grandmothers and why you should jump off that bandwagon immediately. If you are trying to …

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