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Domain Score, Not Page Score

As I’ve been saying, I think Google have been placing emphasis on domains lately, as opposed to pages. It’s not so much that the domain name itself is tagged with authority, but if the domain contains enough pages that are deemed authoritative, then it can be assumed that other pages on the domain are also highly likely to be authoritative, …

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SEO Crack Pipe

Jason is “feeling the love” of SEO.  “Looks like Neil is doing an OK job so far of increasing the search traffic to over the past two weeks. He’s only been able to push about 10% of the changes he wants to do…but the results are solid so far: a 21% increase according to Niel.“ Jason makes some good …

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Real SEOs Don’t Have Clients

It’s the theme of this post on Scoreboard Media. The question is this: if you can get sites ranked, why would you do it for clients? Wouldn’t you just put your own sites up, and make money by advertising, affiliate, lead generation, build-to-sell etc? I wondered about those two good questions back when I had clients. I couldn’t come up …

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Top Ten In Serps Within Days

I wrote a brief seo course for beginners last week. Those posts are now ranked #7 in Google for the keyword term “SEO Course”, and for a variety of other related phrases. Remarkably clever piece of SEO? Nah. Just demonstrates the truism “it’s not what you publish, it’s where”. Or “Content isn’t king, popularity is”. Domain reputation is just about …

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SEO Out Of Focus

What “obsession” with eye-tracking data? Clickz:  All too often, SEO professionals become consumed with finding the one puzzle piece that fits perfectly. Result? They lose focus on the entire puzzle. The obsession with eye-tracking data is no exception.. Eye tracking data is useful. However, I’ve yet to meet anyone in SEO who is “obsessed” with it, to the exclusion of …

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Ranking Without Links

Every so often I hear an idealist talk about ranking without links. Evidently Google has the ability to algorithmically determine what is quality content and what is not. (I, too, believe they have that ability, I just believe they look at linkage to determine what is quality and what isn’t.) It is disturbing, however, when I hear SEO’s talking this …

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