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Excess pages polluting your website?

Many, many folks who talk about SEO love to parrot the old line, “Content is King”. It’s a concept I’ve addressed many times in the past. The common approach to SEO seems to be to throw tons of pages up on a website and hope that it will result in some random traffic. I do not agree with that approach, …

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Aarons Had Enough Of SEO

Aaron Wall, author of the popular SEOBook, is wondering if he should change his business model: “As the field of SEO has grown and my share of voice has grown I have attracted far too many wankers….“ More specifically:   “The people buying PPC stuff are already looking to spend money, but many of the people who are attracted to …

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SEO Will End Soon

Linkbait if I ever saw it, but what the hey: “SEO folks are going wild–as expected. 90% of SEO (yes, I made that % up) is going to end soon as a practice because Google/Yahoo/MSN and the other search engines are going to need to eliminate it in order to maintain the integrity of their indexes. This is just the …

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The Log File Feedback SEO Method

One of the most useful SEO tools is your server log file. Here’s a useful technique combining keyword research with on-topic content. The aim is to generate more traffic from search engines, and to create your own personalized keyword research tool. Ensure you’re tracking referral at the keyword level. Most stats packages do this, but if you don’t have this …

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SEO Centric Web Design

Often, web design theory has got it backwards. A web site is often conceived as an entity which reflects the company who publishes the web site. A mission statement, given form. The reality is that people don’t care about mission statements, they care about seeing their own reflection. Or “it’s not about you, it’s about me”. In no environment is …

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