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Why Does Google Have A Supplemental Index?

Mike “Make Mine a Merlot” Grehan: Q: Why does Google have a supplemental index? A: Well it has to take a dump somewhere! “Supplemental”. Might as well read “a page that is temporarily banned due to quality issues” 😉

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Does Valid Page Mark-up Make Much Difference In SEO?

The answer is: not really. In German. Explanation here.

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Giant Brass Balls Avoids Handjob?

This post title may also get flagged as offensive by our friends at ScanSafe, depending on their level of purity (see my previous post) I’ll take that risk… Anyway, world-famous blackhat SEO, Stephen Colbert, has succeeded in getting ranked #1 for “giant brass balls” after asking viewers to link to him using that term. Wasn’t Google’s anti-Googlebomb algo supposed to …

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Domaining & Subdomaining

Hot topics in SEO circles. Seems every SEO I come across these days is also a closet domaineer. To those new to the terms, domaining refers to the practice of buying and trading in domains. “As of December 2006 there are an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 individuals globally who make buying and selling domain names a part of their business. …

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Selling SEO Services Doomed?

Interesting argument entitled “A Market for Lemons, a Nobel Prize, and Snake Oil SEO“. “I see mis-information as a core problem for the SEO industry. There is so much so-called SEO out there, mostly outdated, baseless, or downright wrong, that the accessible information is more wrong than right. A Google or Yahoo! search on SEO topics is ridiculous, for many …

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