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What SEO Isn’t

The Misconception It’s a common occurrence to see folks who are new to SEO speaking of search engine optimization as the end all, be all of Internet marketing. They will get together in SEO forums mocking those webmasters who don’t participate in SEO, calling them stupid webmasters and patting each other on the back.

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Google Chokes On Pizza

Want to see screen-shots of Big Daddy choking on spam? ‘course you do. Here it is, in pdf format. The real action starts happening down around #30. Owning the SERPs, or what! See: SuperAffiliateMarketing Blog

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Yahoo! Incorporates Microformats

What the hell are microformats, I hear some say? I don’t know either, but whatever they are, Google doesn’t have them. According to ZDNet: “The main benefit of this is it makes Web data more structured, because microformats are a way to standardize on different types of data – events, listings, calendar, etc“ And a further benefit to some in …

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SEM: The Ultimate Guerrilla Warfare

The ten truths about “Real” Guerrilla Marketers. There’s some good advice in there that can be appled to SEM. 1) It’s not about the battle, it’s about the war – getting number one for term x is a battle. Winning the war is about getting qualified visitors. 2) Deploy mercenaries wisely – SEO agencies can help. They can seldom work …

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Cloaking Not Cloaking

Discussion thread at SEW about whether NY Times is cloaking or not. Naturally, IHY has one as well. I think the answer is pretty clear. The NY Times is cloaking content – i.e. a technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented to the users. The fact that some users can see …

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