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Repeat Visitors 8 times More Likely To Make Online Purchase

From Internet Retailer: “Visitors returning to a web site are eight times more likely to make an online purchase than new visitors, according to new data from WebSideStory Inc. During the first three months of 2006, repeat visitors to business-to-consumer e-commerce sites had a conversion rate of 12.61%. That compares with a 1.55% conversion rate for new visitors.“ Now, assuming …

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MSN Allows You To Opt Out Of DMOZ Descriptions

From the MSN Blog: “Even though these human-edited descriptions provide a lot of value, with human editing may come human error, bias, descriptions getting outdated, or the editor’s text may simply not suit the webmasters who want to be represented in their own way. What has bothered the webmasters previously is that when search engines preferred search result descriptions from …

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Creating Co-Citation Data

Aaron has a good post on linking strategies. His tips: “Directory listings provide quick and easy co-citation data. A trivial expense for large businesses, but they can be costly for people new to the web. Squidoo is quick and easy to set up a free topical page on. By mentioning your site along with some of the top sites in …

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How To Use The Long Tail For Fun And Profit

Well, profit, mostly. Following on from my post yesterday about the concept of the Long Tail, let’s look at ways to apply this concept to search marketing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Long Tail, there’s a weighty definition here. Essentially, many niches add up. How can you apply this concept to search marketing? A lot of …

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SEO Myth: Positions That Are Easy To Get Are Worthless

In the past, I’ve come across a lot of SEO punditry that goes like this: “oh, that ranking position is easy to get. It’s non-competitive. That’s amateur hour SEO!”. I’m sure you’ve seen similar. It’s nonsense, of course. It’s not whether a position is easy or difficult to “get”. It’s the return that counts. If the aim of a website …

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Matt Cutts On Big Daddy

Here’s a long post by Matt Cutts on Big Daddy issues. “People have been asking for more details on “pages dropping from the index” so I thought I’d write down a brain dump of everything I knew about, to have it all in one place” I’ll try and pick out the killer bits for those who just want the facts, …

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