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SEO Is Easy/Difficult/Worthless/Valuable

That debate is happening again. I’m going to try to sum the debate up, using as few words as possible, in traditional Haiku form: SEO easy but sometimes it doesn’t make sense unless experienced Ok, I cheated….

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Link Bait: The Down Side

One of the hot topics in the SEO community over the past couple of years has been link bait. It is often characterized as an obvious good – why wouldn’t anyone try and get links – however, as with any marketing strategy, it has pros and cons. What is link bait? Link bait is content that is predominately published to …

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New Approach To SEO

Too lazy to work out ranking factors? Haven’t got time to keep up with all the obscure changes the search search engines might make? Don’t have a direct bat-phone to Matt Cutts? Have we got the technique for you! Simply mail the guy positioned above you and tell him to take his site down! Insane. So crazy, it might just …

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The Google Toolbar Won’t Get Your Site Indexed

Matt debunks one of those rumours that has been swirling around for years, namely that installing the Google Toolbar and visiting a page will get that page crawled. False. If you want a page crawled, point a link to it from a page that is already indexed.

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How Google Handles Hacked Sites

Matt shows how a hacked site was identified, dropped and re-included. Interesting stuff. It is impressive that Google can do all that so quickly. “Could Google do a better job? Absolutely, and we’ll keep working on it. For example, maybe we can show a more specific message for hacked sites in the webmaster console“ Notice also Matts deft touch associating …

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