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10 Dumbest Web Ideas That Made It Big Time

Here’s an entertaining list of top ten web ideas, and none of them are dumb. I knicked this from Shoemoney. Million Dollar Homepage SantaMail Doggles LaserMonks AntennaBalls FitDeck PositivesDating.Com Designer Diaper Bags TruGamerz Lucky Wishbone Co. Proving that simple ideas are often the best. They also bring on the saying “Damn! Wish I’d thought of that!”

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Yahoo! Ads Appearing In Ebay Search Results

Searchenginejournal reports that Yahoo Search Marketing advertisements are beginning to be shown on some result pages in eBay. Curious. I guess Yahoo! need to extend their distribution network, and Ebay are probably coming under price pressure from free competitors, such as whatever-Google-base-is. On the topic of free competitors, The Paradigm Shift Blog has a provocative post about emerging Web 3.0 …

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Shoemoney PPC Part Two Podcast – Getting Into PPC For Affiliate Arbitrage

Webmaster Radio has published part two of Shoemoney’s excellent PPC radio show. Part One can be found on that page, too. One of the things that annoys me about podcasts, and obviously this isn’t anyones fault – it’s the nature of the medium – is that you can’t quickly scan through them and decide if the content is relevant to …

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Making Money On The Internet: Create A Sense Of Urgency

Marketing Experiments Blog details their test findings on time sensitive offers and testing the “urgency” of landing pages to increase conversion rates. Do expiry dates really work on the web? Marketing Experiments Blog make distinctions between lying, implied urgency, and direct urgency. There are clealry risks associated with creating urgency when there really isn’t any. A summary of their tips: …

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Big Shiny Buttons: Click Here!

I’ve been trawling through the results of one of my tests today, and again I’m reminded that one shouldn’t believe everything one reads. Instead, one should test. It is “common wisdom” that big button graphics with “click here” written on them are a no-no. Trouble is, they lead to substantially higher conversion rates on most of my split/run tests, when …

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