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Follow-Up: Google Vs News Sites

WAN, which stands for the World Association of Newspapers, said it was leading efforts to find a technological solution to the problem of alleged copyright infringement by Internet search engines. “A solution suggested by WAN would be for selected search engines which have paid a royalty or have a commercial agreement to display properly attributed images or articles for a …

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From The “Told Them So” File

A new study indicates that people who search Google Books end up buying books. At Amazon. “Google’s controversial Book Search is driving traffic to booksellers, new figures show. According to Web monitoring firm Hitwise, the top destination for surfers visiting Google’s UK Book Search was Amazon UK, accounting for 8.3 percent of visits. Book sites accounted for 15.93 percent of …

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Google To Offer Free Book Downloads

According to BusinessWeek: “Google Inc. on Wednesday plans to begin letting consumers download and print free of charge classic novels and many other, more obscure books that are in the public domain.“ What’s the bet that copyright books will follow once the book publishers wake up and see the huge volumes that can be sold vs the cost of production …

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Blogging for Dollars: Making Much Money

Some new media sites are doing the business. Techcruch – 60,000 per month BoingBoing – $1 million a year – even more than that – rumoured to be in the millions “the blogging-for-dollars phenomenon is only in its infancy, and already blog ad spending is roughly twice what it was last year. With overall Web advertising expected to …

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The Top Five Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When They Market

A good little list courtesy of Seth Godin: Expecting gratitude in exchange for having done something that was hard. Yes, you built a company, you might even have bootstrapped it. Yes, you’ve got the machinery and the packaging and the retail space. Yes, you’ve navigated hiring people and yes, you finally shipped. I couldn’t care less. I’m not going to …

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