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The New Affiliate Aggregation Game

I’ve noticed a new trend, or, to be more precise, an old trend in new clothes. The old way: launch an e-book get-rich-quick-scheme. Flog it. The new way: launch an e-book get-rich-quick-scheme. Give it away. Create an “exclusive” network of people, whom you train, and keep the top performers. The new way makes a lot more sense, of course. Given …

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Want To Test Up-Coming Google Services?

Google are looking for testers as part of their user-research program. They pay up to $75 per hour, and you can contribute in-person at Mountain View, online, or Google will visit you. This program is also open to people outside the US, and the form consists of one sign-up page, followed by a five page optional survey. You can sign-up …

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Facebook Worth $1 Billion?

Are we in serious bubble territory here? Facebook are rumoured to be on the verge of deal with Yahoo – for $1 Billion dollars. “Facebook, the social-networking start-up popular with high school and college students, is on the verge of being purchased by Yahoo, according to two sources with knowledge of the deal“. Ok, I can see how a social …

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Adsense has a new banner sized 200×200….yawn…. It’s barely worth mentioning. I used to be quite bullish on Adsense, but since smart-pricing and content bids came out, it hasn’t been as much fun as it used to be. “Fun” a euphemism for “wildly profitable”, of course. I can’t wait for a Google CPA network. An ultra-wide, deep, efficient, reliable affiliate …

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Is Adwords Flawed?

Provocative headline: Google AdWords: soon over-priced with poor ROI Poor ROI is easy to understand, to those who are actually measuring ROI, that is. Donna also reasons: “What are Schmidt, Sullivan, Scoble and Malik missing? Google’s unprecedented gross margins and a seemingly unstoppable bid price inflation are derived from the Google-centric auction system which is economically dependent upon price inelasticity …

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