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Gaming Firms Flee US

Looks like they’re all heading to Europe: “Leisure & Gaming and payment processor FireOne joined the list of companies fleeing a U.S. ban on online gaming on Tuesday, as signs emerged that Europe is to open up its gambling market“ What will be interesting is watching if the internet will do what it was designed to do, which is to …

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Google Buys YouTube

The rumours were correct. YouTube sold to Google for a tidy $1.6 billion. Not bad for a site that’s barely 18 months old, eh. Here’s a look at the two 20-somethings behind YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steven Chen. How to get seriously rich in two easy moves – YouTube on Wikipedia The potential copyright woes are an interesting side …

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What People Want

What I want is anonymous upload What I want is the ability to specify “use the browser default” What I want is something much simpler and much more integrated What I want is rel=”spammer” What I want is a phone/addressbook/personal schedule AND no more What I want is a laser-based shower add-on that zaps hair from any part of the …

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Click Fraud War

How are search engine PPC fraud measures ever going to stop this sort of thing? “A high-volume PPC lead gen advertiser on the verge of shaking down a Yahoo search distribution partner in order to recover money stolen via click fraud?“ Meanwhile, click fraudsters get edgy when their networks are shopped to Google and the funds dry up: “I HOPE …

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Internet Gambling Goes Into Meltdown

It will soon be illegal for American banks and credit card companies to process payments to online gaming companies. The new law will make it vitually impossible to operate online gambling companies in the US. “The bill, a compromise between earlier versions passed by the two chambers, would make it illegal for banks and credit card companies to make payments …

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